Nov 23, 2009

Mark Fast for "Real" Women

A few days ago I came across an article in Flare magazine about a Canadian-born British designer Mark Fast. The 8-line wright up focused on Fast's Spring/Summer 2010 collection that caused a stir in the world of high fashion. So, here is my little review of his "curves-friendly" runway show.
Mark Fast is a Canadian-born London-based knitwear designer who made it big in the last 6 months. You can read more about him HERE. In the nutshell, he hand-crafts his fabric on a knitting machine, and this allows him to create "movement" in otherwise structured garments. For his Spring/Summer 2010 runway show he created several outfits for "regular" women and used non-models to showcase them. A great idea, but... Fast used his "down-to-earth" not-so-much-in-shape women alongside the professional models. The contrast ridicules anyone larger then size 2. I've attached some of the pics for comparison.
As to the garments themselves, I can't say I am too impressed either. The fishnet/cobweb thing looks cheap and unwearable.
Your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

absolutely agree: "looks cheap and unwearable"!