Nov 16, 2009

EVENTS: this week...(so far)

Annual mystery art fundraiser by famous and soon-to-be.
Nov 18-21,

MTV live
If you're really bored or for whatever other curious reasons, you can be part of the audience on MTV live.
Mon-Thur, arrive at 5:30, to get the tickets visit

The Next Dimension of Fashion

Celebration of top and upcoming Canadian fashion designers who view fashion with an added green dimension.
Ontario place, tic $25-$40, Fri, Nov 20 R4

Gallery Listings for This Week

Gourmet Food & Wine Expo
The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo offers our 35,000 guests an opportunity to sample over 1200 fine wines, spirits and beers from around the globe.
Nov 19-22, Convention Center, South Building, $15


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