Sep 11, 2009

Ukrainian Festival-Bloor West Village

Being a Bloor West Village resident,I've attended the Ukrainian Fest at least 5 times. Aside from drunk teenage semi-Ukrainians, the affair is interesting and ummm...tasty. I strongly suggest trying Ceddar-and-potato perogies from street vendors, but would advise against fried sausages with cabbage. I can't talk to the quality of Ukrainian beer, but after all it's about spirit, not the taste, right?

The performances at UF are never disappointing, as well as arts and crafts exhibits. You will also have a chance to ride a marry-go-round for $2:)

If Capa makes her way to Bloor West, we will definitely review the affair. For now, here is some essential info:

Festival Hours:
Friday, September 18-4p.m.-1a.m.
Saturday, September 19-9a.m.-1a.m.
Sunday September 20-11a.m.-7p.m.

Bloor West Village, between Jane and Runnemed subway stations.


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