Sep 10, 2009

Report - X-Treme Makeover Party @ 80 Bloor West

Here is our report on yesterday’s party-the Xtreme Makeover at 80 Bloor West. This was a free event that listed “food, drinks, and give aways” in its invite. We’ve arrived early and were subjected to a 20-min wait in the line. The security was as if the entire celebrity line-up from TIFF were attending the event.

Finally we were allowed to WALK up the escalator and we were in…Let me just side-track for a moment here and say that we were asked four times if we were members of Xtreme fitness... The venue was really big, but clearly overcrowded. The bottom level had half-naked models dancing on trade mills, a bar (3 drinks per person, unlimited for VIPs), and gym employees offering you memberships at an “incredible 50% discount”.

The top floor was much more interesting. There was another bar, another group of people dancing in their undies, but also make-up, skin care, and hair styling stations, free gift bags (nothing outstanding, a few samples and fliers), FCUK and Lacoste models and various ‘Fill-This-Out-And-Wins”. However, lack of food was very disappointing.

Overall, we’ve found the event worthwhile. We didn’t spend any money at all, had fun, and didn’t come home empty-handed.

K & F

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