Sep 28, 2009

Report on Harvest 2009

Capa and me came back from Harvest on Sunday night. First, let me tell you how dead tired we are! We barely slept at all and had all the fun we could take. The festival was awesome! It was very well-planned (kudos to the Promise folks), the music was out of this world in all three pavilions, and the grounds were beautiful and surprisingly easy to navigate. I am posting some pics here-me and Capa being stupid, just me and just Capa, some random but fun folks from the festival, and the Screaming Heads Sculptures.

We hope to see you at Harvest in 2010!


1 comment:

Nelia said...

I like the guy's head-piece!!! Looks like something out of the "Where the wild things are"! Glad you girls had fun!