Sep 18, 2009

Nick Cave in Toronto

One of the albums I have from Nick Cave is recorded on tape. I used to listen to it at night when everyone was a asleep and the house was being filled with a different air...different dimension even...

Anyways, by pure luck I found out that he was signing his new book at the Eatons Center.
I didn't buy the book or stood in line, that stretched to the second floor, but just listened to him speak for around 15 min.

He is from another world...crazy...but i love him! he is really ugly too.

Here is his book: The Death of Bunny Munro.
It, apparently, also comes as some iphone application, where you can hear his voice or see him read it. Creepy!

I don't think I'll buy the book, but I won't miss his concert next time he's here. That's for sure!


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