Sep 25, 2009

New cafe on West Queen West - QUAFF

One day walking home I have spotted another new cafe on Queen West
of Bathurst and right away texted Fira to take a note and go check it out together. So we did. But it took me almost two weeks to write that note. Sorry! I tried really hard to participate in TIFF drinking activities and a couple of the parties I managed to attend exhausted me for the rest of the month...

Anyways, if you are walking on Queen towards the Trinity Bellwoods, stop by this new cafe Quaff at 668 Queen West (2 blocks west of bathurst).

The prices for coffee and espresso don't seem to be higher than Sturbuck's. Their croissants and sandwiches are made right there. The pastries come from some locale shop.

We found it to be cozy. More upscale than the regular Kensington hangouts but not too fancy and, personally, any alternative to Starbucks is great.


Image is from Our original ones are coming.

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