Sep 22, 2009

Let's Talk Film!

Have you ever felt awkward when someone started talking about an old "classic" film, and you've never seen it? I found myself in this situation quite often, but never had enough willpower to go rent that "classic" and watch it at home at my spare time. I have to admit, with all my love for cinema I am having difficulty watching textbook films at home.
But this year I have discovered a brilliant solution! Well, actually Capa discovered it a while ago, but we only became serious about it this spring.
Cinematheque (a part of TIFF group) is located at Art Gallery of Ontario. It is a review theatre that features classic films on big screen. The films are refurbished and enhanced so the viewers are not subjected to the terrible creaking noises and bad quality picture.

The Director Retrospective series (upcomming are Elia Kazan and Manoel De Oliveira) feature the best films of a given director. Don't miss A Streetcar Named Desire -a must-see!

See you at the movies!


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