Sep 9, 2009

Freebies on Yonge Street-September 9-11, 2009

Healthy Inside and Out!

1. Visit David's Tea's new Yonge Street location and receive a complimentary set of three premium tea bags and a free cup of "tea of the day". 2389 Yonge Street

2. Visit Kiehl's at 2518 Yonge Street and receive a free skincare consultation, plus a free lip balm and some other samples!

3. Come into Lululemon at 2558 Yonge Street for a Naturopatic consultation and a complimentary massage

Update: Ok, this is a must-go thing! I got a whole bag of free skin-care items from Kiehl's, an ice-tea and some tea bags from David's tea. BTW, that place has teas that sell for $50/100 gr. Insane!!!


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